Your satisfaction is our goal.

We produce furniture in Grenada, our chosen nation, for both residential and business environments. In addition, we also create websites professionally.

Furniture and Interior Design made in Grenada

You should feel safe and comfortable in your own home. A piece of furniture must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It reflects your personality. You have to live with it. Therefore, we want you to be happy with your acquisition.

TV Furniture made in Grenada: purple heart and glass
TV Furniture: purple heart and glass
Sideboard furniture made with material locally from Grenada
Sideboard furniture: blue mahoe
Settee: various wood
Settee: various wood

Your ideas and wishes

Do you have any suggestions or wishes? Great! We will work together with you. Because we love implementing your ideas. Let us collaborate to create your unique item.

Furniture: our line of work

We plan and design your interior. As soon as you are happy with the drawings, production starts. We produce in our workshop. Once complete, installation in your home starts.

Entrance door on a house in Grenada: glass
Entrance door: glass
Sofa and side table: wood
Sofa and side table: wood
Kitchen in Grenada: wood and acrylic sheeting
Kitchen: wood and acrylic sheeting


We offer a large product range. Our work includes both residential and commercial objects.

Materials used for furniture created in Grenada

Local wood, glass, and steel are only just some of the materials we use.

Furniture on stock in Grenada

Each piece is unique. Therefore, we do not stock furniture. Please explore the site to get a taste of our work.

Staircase in a building in Grenada: glass and stainless steel
Staircase: glass and stainless steel
Facade: glass
Facade: glass
Counter: wood, MDF, roofing sheet
Counter: wood, MDF, roofing sheet


Rene is a visual artist. One of his passions is sculpting. He gets inspired by a beautiful piece of wood or nature.

His sculptures are surrealistic, realistic, and abstract. Through their new form, the materials he employs gain new energy.

Would you like to see more? His website is

Sculpture made in Grenada
Sculpture part of the Show 'Inside - Out'

Websites for Grenada and elsewhere in the world

A website is your online business card. The first impression is crucial. Therefore, the visual appearance fulfills a vital role.

Functionality and usability

Many users surf the Internet on smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a responsive website. A robust structure and easy navigation are key elements of a successful website. Since this helps your customers to navigate your site fast.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is of importance. Good optimization helps with your ranking. Well written text and quality content are part of a successful SEO. After all, you want to be found.

Responsive design
Responsive design
Optimized for Search Engines
Optimized for search engines
Clean code is robust
Clean code is robust

Why choose us?

We have been creating in Grenada since 2003. We enjoy seeing satisfied customers. That is our number one priority. Rene is the brain behind the furniture. Daniela is responsible for websites. Together we are act. Act stands for action. Take action now and contact us

Design that inspires you

Our goal is for you to feel at ease using your new furnishings or looking at the new website. Our items should energize and complement you.

customer satisfaction is key

We are only happy when you are pleased with our products. You may rely on us to give you superior expertise. Our products are of the utmost quality.

built with heart and passion

We love what we do. Whether we are building a piece of furniture or a website for you. The items we create for you are handled with the same care as our own.