Stairs in a commercial retail
Stairs in a commercial retail

Commercial interior decoration can provide a new degree of interest to an unimpressive area or create aesthetically appealing spaces that adhere to a certain theme. Even though it often goes overlooked, effective business decoration may have a big impact. It can enhance the space for individuals who use it or increase the value of a building or business.

Interior design for commercial facilities is referred to as commercial interior design. This includes workplaces, shops, dining establishments, lobbies, and other public areas. Commercial interior design starts with planning, when designers collaborate with architects to set up aspects that will affect the final space’s appearance. In order to achieve the initial design objectives, designers then add furniture and décor to the finished area.

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Commercial Endeavors

Over the previous few years, we accomplished a number of commercial projects, namely:

Exterior and Logo

We erected a glass facade for the enterprise IAL Ltd. on Mauriceshop Highway. For the creation of the logo we used metal. The logo is highly recognizable due to its prominence. We collaborated closely with the team of architects on this project.

Staircase and Lift

Mirrors have been placed over Hubbards Ltd.’s lift. The glass infill between the pillars and the chrome steel handrail make up the stair railing. When you walk into the business, you can see the elevator right away because it is in the center. On this project, we collaborated with an architect as well.

Counters for commercial spaces

We created a custom-built counter for the hardware retailer L.L. Rhamdanny. The galvanized sheeting on the ceiling above reflects the contour of the counter. We used glass and green heart-stripes for the counter top.

Apartments with a design theme

Our team created the full interior design for a client that rents apartments.
This comprises:

  • Living room: sofa, coffee table, and side table
  • Kitchen:upper and lower cabinets
  • Bedroom: a bed, a table, and shelves
  • Bathroom: mirrored shelf in the bathroom, wall separating the shower
  • Entrance: window shutters

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