Sculptures for outside made with fiberglass
Sculptures for outside made with fiberglass

Rene has received training as a glass designer and an artist. But he has been painting since he was 14 years old. Following his education, he pursued studies in graphic design, painting, and sculptures in Germany. He has had successful exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany.

He has always been fascinated by sculpture, and by opening his own workshop here in Grenada, he has realized his lifelong desire. Here he has the room and resources necessary to create substantial sculptures. He continually finds new inspiration in Grenada because of how close to nature it is there. His works here are a mix of abstract, realistic, and surreal, in contrast to his predominantly surreal work in Europe. The focus is always on the individual.

Sculptures: the component

He employs a range of materials, just like his furniture. Whether it is steel, glass, plastic, or wood, he employs practically any material. His work frequently incorporates a variety of materials. He utilized fiberglass to build his first boat. The sculptures in his solo exhibition from 2016 were all constructed of fiberglass, which was the medium that fascinated him.

The various sculpture types

First and foremost, we can categorize sculptures into two categories: decorative and practical. You can use functional ones as lighting, for instance. Nevertheless, depending on their design and production, particular benches or chairs may potentially qualify as sculptures. Additionally, Rene has transformed shelving into beautiful sculptures. Decorative sculptures work well as wall art or in large rooms.

Are you seeking for a highly unique sculpture? Rene will be pleased to discuss your options with you and come up with a proposal. By utilizing our form, you can reach him with ease. On his website,, you can find a greater collection of his work.

Displays of sculpture

He has consistently participated in group shows since 2004. He did, however, hold two lucrative solo exhibits, one in 2006 and the other in 2016. You can discover information on the most recent exhibitions on his website,